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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Killing Fields

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Killing Fields by ARTHUR FIRSTENBERG The Ecologist v.34, n.5, 1jun04[Also see Microwaving Our Planet – Arthur Firstenberg / Cellular Phone Taskforce 1997] Today I am… Read more »

Study – statin drugs linked to higher diabetes risk

Study – statin drugs linked to higher diabetes risk Thursday, January 12, 2012 by: Elizabeth Walling Learn more: (NaturalNews) A new study confirms a dangerous statin drug side effect:… Read more »

What’s is

What is, a Monterey, California-based comparison shopping service backed by Bill Gates and Gates’ involvement with goes way back, with the billionaire listed as one of… Read more »

Nexu Generation Skin Care – Limiere

Lumière de Vie promotes a revitalized radiance, improved clarity and younger-looking skin. These products are designed to promote the natural healing process to rejuvenate all skin types and complexions. The… Read more »